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First Class Janitorial provides you with carpet cleaning, move out cleaning services and more.

We refresh your carpets in no time!

Your rug will look brand new when we get off the stain and dirt!

Refresh my carpets!

Your leaseholders are moving?

Leave the cleaning job to the professional and take care of what really matters for you.

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Cleaning services Company Ottawa

We specialize in carpet cleaning and also move out cleaning. Our main customer are Property Managers, building owner, large surface business owner and apartment owner. To help out owners of flooring businesses or other related fields, we offer you to create a partnership that will give you the expertise wanted to satisfy your customers and enhance there satisfaction.

Carpet Cleaning, Janitorial Services, Residential and Commercial Cleaning

We offer reliable services for theses main reasons

We care

Respect brings on respect. That’s why we care to offer a reliable service that will build up a strong customer relationship. We care to give you quality work that will satisfy your needs and provide a clean and safe environment to everyone.

We are Experienced

As a local cleaning company located in Ottawa. In our 30 years of experience, we learned that people can easier beat the price than the experience! Our customer value this experience that we used to enhance our customer satisfaction.

We are Experts

Expertise is necessary to offer quality work. To often people say cleaning is an easy job to do and that anyone could do it. True! Anyone can do cleaning, but not anyone could be qualified as a cleaner! Hiring a professional will guarantee your satisfaction.

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